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A Surf story I.

Once upon a time there was an amazing surfer, who has been riding waves over 15 years. And never intends to stop (obviously.. surfing is a drug!).

This human lived only for surfing. And months of intense surfing together with stressfull job duties produced a result in the middle of season. Almost permanent lower back pain with increase during take off and longer period of paddling.

We met when he was in surfing in pain for months without any positive change.

After complex muscle test, we discovered all parts that were "not happy strong surf muscles", but rather "let me rest, stop surfing" body parts.

Was a break from surfing an acceptable option? Who is surfing, knows the answer. Hell no! First we did couple of sessions in a row to save the biggest functional changes. That worked well. But it doesn ´t save him from getting into the same circ

le when he surfes whenever he can. Using the same diagnostic tools (muscle testing) we discovered the most common problematic areas and developed a simple yoga practise compensating daily surf sessions.

This practise was improved in 3 months into following routine... enjoy :)

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